We work with organizations on all aspects of strategizing, planning, executing & educating about the People part of work, which we all know is the most important. The best part is that we are also connected to smarter people than us who help with all the bits of traditional HR and other services that don’t fall into our sweet spot.

People Development (Talent Management)

How are you attracting people?
How are you engaging & keeping the best talent?
How are you developing & growing your biggest assets (aka your people)?

We help answer these questions and then provide solutions, strategies and change to make sure the answers are what the organization needs to match it’s goals, culture and future.

This work includes:

  • Discovery, Assessment & Analysis: Starting from the beginning with discovery and analysis of the organization’s current state.
  • Employer Branding: Who are you to your employees (current and former)? How do your employees identify with you? What are they saying about you out on the street? We make sure your brand is exactly what it should be when it comes to your people.
  • Recruitment Management: Finding talent isn’t easy so we guide organizations in the search for top talent.
  • Team Training & Development: Develop individuals and teams with proven programs including small group, impactful conversations that create common language, team growth & development.

Organizational Strategy & Executive Advisory

Most businesses do not have the luxury of a dedicated senior “HR” or People professional. We allow them to obtain that expertise for specific projects or “as needed” so they can move forward with confidence. We connect them to our extensive network of trusted resources when required.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Leaders should always be growing and learning. Status quo is simply not acceptable anymore. Through one-on-one and team coaching, we work with clients using expert and proven management, and leadership and coaching theories that are turned into customized coaching programs. We help executives, leaders and leaders-to-be develop their skills on their own schedule, with purpose and with sustainability so that they can learn and grow with their teams.


Emily Koolen is regularly engaged as a speaker to audiences of all sizes at corporate, educational and non-profit events on topics such as Finding Your Career 101, Employer Branding, Perfecting your Pitch to Investors (and your Team), Everyday Leadership, Job Searching for New Grads, Effective Recruiting and HR 101 for Startups.