What Do I Do Next? Navigate These 3 Situations With a Coach

Engaging a personal coach is beneficial for those who are surviving, striving or thriving in many different circumstances. Since every person and every situation are different,  coaching must be customized for the individual and their needs. That being said, here are 3 situations in which coaching will definitely help you perform – and feel – your best:

#1. You Have Been Laid Off or Terminated

How you are dealing – or reeling – with being laid off or terminated from your job will influence where we start the coaching process. Depending on your attitude, the role you previously held, and the way in which you were “let go”, you may need different amounts of coaching to feel comfortable and ready move into a new position. With a positive, “what’s next!?” mindset, often all that is needed is two or three sessions that include resume updating, interviewing skills, and practice on how to negotiate salary and benefits.

Sometimes, if you had held this position for a long period of time, were emotionally connected to the role and organization, or felt blindsided by what seems like an unfair decision, you may require more intensive coaching. In these cases, the job loss may result in symptoms that are similar to grief and, therefore, require a much slower approach. You’ll need to deal with the psychological stress of the job loss, and rebuild your confidence. In this case, coaching will start with us working together to understand that things will improve, and that there can be a positive outcome.

Regardless of how the termination has affected you, working one-on-one with a career coach will help you rebound faster, and feel better and stronger than before.

#2. You are Returning to Work from Maternity Leave

Returning to the workplace after having been off for a year or more can be an overwhelming, emotionally charged time. Working with a career coach you will develop a transition plan that helps you to:

  • understand what has changed in your organization or the industry at large
  • proactively manage both the expectations of your employer, family and yourself, including strategies for negotiating a flexible work schedule
  • foresee the challenges you will face in the first weeks back to work
  • manage your changing priorities and increased levels of stress

#3. You are Going Through a Career Transition

Whether you have been promoted to a more senior role, are moving to a new company, are leaving the workplace for retirement or parental leave, or just looking for a change in your career, working with a career coach can help to ease the transition.

Navigating through different team dynamics, changing expectations, and perhaps stretching your skill set, all the while delivering on your “brand promise”, is a challenging ask. A career coach will help you synthesize new information, act as a sounding board and strategic advisor, and help build the confidence needed to communicate effectively and excel throughout the transition and beyond.

Career Coaching is so effective because it works for many different people who are struggling for many different reasons. Because career coaching offers neutral, third party insight into the challenges you are facing it provides a vital link in helping to answer the question: What do I do next?

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