Hey, Students! Are You Choosing Your Own Adventure?

Someone recently recommended that I read Neil Patrick Harris – Choose Your Own Autobiography, and while I only started it a couple of days ago, it is riveting (and frustratingly awesome – thanks NPH).

It made me think about the adventure that people go on when deciding on their career adventures. I think I could write on this topic from many perspectives but since many of my clients right now are panicking students, I’ll show them the love right now.

So students…many of you are in your last few months of secondary, post-secondary or even graduate studies and may just be getting back from (or just about to go on) some sort of spring break. Once that fun is done, what’s your next adventure? Some lucky people have jobs lined up, acceptances to school (grad school or otherwise), or may be planning on taking a gap year to figure it out. Do these things actually sound exciting to you? Will they be part of your future autobiography? If you aren’t sure, here are 5 things to think about before seeking your next adventure:

  1. How adventurous are you? You don’t have to go base-jumping in your career if that’s not you, you could simply try a small dive first if you want. Social media is full of amazing entrepreneurs and risk takers who strike it successful but remember that they are a small few who make it. Being a small fish or taking that standard program is good too and may be a high enough leap for now. For a fun test to check how adventurous you are, go here!
  2. Do you smile when you think about what you will be doing the next year, 3 yrs or even 5 yrs? If not – what does makes you smile (and I don’t mean kitten videos)? Is there a way to incorporate that feeling of joy into your next step?
  3. Reflect on your past – even if you feel you aren’t experienced enough to have a past – you do. What have you done in the past (activities, courses, vacations etc.) that has engaged you and given you a sense of purpose? Reflect and document your past, grab those memories to help you see your next adventure.
  4. Are you choosing too quickly? You don’t have to make a decision right away – push away the pressure from parents, teachers or yourself and while you don’t have to be completely confident in your decision, you do need to be confident that the decision is yours and if you don’t have a decision yet, don’t worry – take the time to make it. Don’t rush it! Take a breather! The world will not end if you end up taking a pause (even if that means living with your parents for a bit) while you make a decision. Rushing things can be costly!
  5. Get some help. I don’t mean talking to Mom, Dad, Gramma or your older sibling. They mean well but are they objective, impartial and taking your passions and personality into consideration? Go talk to your Career Centre, Guidance Counselor or invest in a one-on-one Career Consultant who can help guide you.

Contact me for a free consultation about your next adventure. Whether it’s a career or further education, I will help you discover what your next step may be.

Also – for a great read – check out NPH’s Fabulous Book!

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