writing a letter

Doing Things You Don’t Love – Because It’s Good For You!

So, I do not like writing blogs. It takes me forever to extrapolate my thoughts into sentences and I am not always sure if my grammar is correct (so my apologies in advance). I want to like it and I really do think I have some decent thoughts to share (sometimes) but I am not a writer, I am a talker. Really! I can talk your ears off at the drop of a hat and can usually do so with confidence and with some added value.

Believe me that I know that there is irony that I am a coach whose main purpose is to listen when I like talking so much but that’s beside the point.

I wish I had a decent tool that would take my blathers, clean them up to nice, concise verses (maybe with more wit!). I use the excuse of working to not do them. I mean, my clients don’t pay me to write (well, most of the time at least) and so I don’t do it. The fact is though, I am continually inspired by some amazing writers around me who create wonder, interest and even laughter in their fiction and non-fiction works and I would love to be like them even a little bit so I will always keep trying.

I recently went through an amazing process that was designed to refine and re-brand my business (which is ongoing and very cool). Part of that process has me being accountable to writing whether for me or for my adoring public. As a result, I am making a commitment to step out of my comfort zone and to write more often.

I will not promise award winning content but will promise somewhat regular insights into my work, my thoughts and me. I invite anyone who notices that I haven’t written in a bit to call me out, please!

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